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Welcome to the home of Armchair Xplorer. This is a website dedicated to travel in its entirety. From the act of preparing for travel, the actual traveling experience itself through to the final destinations, everything you could possibly want to find out about on any travel related subject is all here for you at armchairxplorer.com

Before we share our travel experiences with one another, let’s get acquainted a little further.

About Me

My name is Roger Phillips, and I am the creator of the exhilarating armchairxplorer.com. I am a Montreal citizen born and bred and continue to reside in Canada’s largest and architecturally stunning city. I am a full-time Blogger and Freelance Copywriter who has the luckiest job ever – that is traveling the world. Yet, rewind a few years back, and my life was anything but exciting.

I once believed that my home city was the only place I ever needed to see and experience. Though I loved to immerse myself in other cultures and countries, it was all through the power of YouTube. I believed myself to be the expert on all things travel related with an extensive knowledge picked up from my armchair exploration days, as I liked to call them. I was the person who family, friends, and colleagues would consult with before they booked their own holidays. It didn’t seem to matter to them whether I had physically visited each country or not; they knew I had a vast amount of expertise from studying each country from a distance and they trusted my knowledge.

I thoroughly enjoyed my job as a Web Developer working for a local company as it offered me the chance to get to grips further with all aspects of website design. I even dared to hope that one day I would be able to start my own website – so I began with a small blog talking about my armchair exploration experience. It seems that I had amassed a great breadth of knowledge of travel all from my YouTube obsession and people liked my writing style because over a short space of time the visitor numbers to this blog began to increase considerably.

This got me thinking how if I was gaining new followers every month at a such a fast rate, imagine how many visitors to my blog I could amass if I could experience the traveling for myself besides just watching it on various videos? Though I loved watching videos and documentaries and reading up on other countries, part of me began to wonder how it would feel that rather than to just dish out advice on them, why not really visit them?

Some months after the blog went live, I knew that with the brilliant response I was receiving that I could really do this is if I wanted to. I just needed to try to get up from that sofa and put what I had learned and indeed dispensed to other people and see the world for myself. There was only one solution and to do that I had to change my life entirely and take a huge gamble. So, I gave up my job, left my comfort blanket city of Montreal for the first time and became a full-time Travel Blogger!

What the Website of Armchair Xplorer Offers Its Visitors

Armchair Xplorer is the place where anybody who has any travel related experience can share it with the broader community of the website. I aim to provide as much information, guidance and tips to anybody who choose to access this site.

Ultimately, I hope that every person who visits Armchair Xplorer will feel that they are in the capable and experienced hands of somebody who knows exactly what he is talking about because he too has traveled the world and seen all there is to see. By creating this website, I hope to inspire all visitors further and perhaps get them beginning to explore the unknown islands, the marvelous destinations and the off the beaten tracks for themselves.

So, come and join me and spend a bit of time at armchairxplorer.com and together we can work on making this a travel community with the intentions to inspire every member who clicks onto its pages.