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This is the exciting part of the Armchair Xplorer website where you can make a valid contribution to the broader community through a dedicated guest blog post.

The world is a great place and full of countries to be explored. It is my mission to ensure we leave no place unturned and cover every corner of this beautiful planet all on this one blog! I would, therefore, love for anyone with an interest and absolute passion in anything travel related to consider submitting a guest blog post to this website to help with this mission.

Take some time to become acquainted with the requirements for writing a blog post for Armchair Xplorer and then get in touch with me with your ideas at info@armchairxplorer.com. I cannot wait to hear what you have to contribute!

Submit a Guest Post to My Blog to Help Fellow Travelers

By offering the broader community of Armchair Xplorer your blog post, you are effectively helping your 15,000 community members with their travel experiences! If you feel that you have something worthwhile to impart to the community, I am just waiting for your post.

Maybe you are a seasoned pro in the traveling industry and know of a few handy tips to guide others as they undertake their travels? Perhaps you combine traveling with your work and want to show us all how it can be done efficiently? You could even be a newbie to the traveling scene and want to share with other newbies the latest travel advice or travel news which you feel they could also benefit from?

Whoever you are and whatever your level of experience is in the travel industry, if this is a world that fascinates you as much as it does myself and the other 15,000 regular visitors to this blog, then we would all love to read more about what you have to say.

Write for My Website and Share Your Words of Wisdom

Ultimately, I am looking for anybody who has a passion for travel and a willingness to create a clear and concise constructed written piece for the website to showcase such passion. I don’t have a rigid set of rules as to how you need to create your post, neither do I have any rules or demands about your writing style. It is your apparent passion that I want you to capture in your blog post.

Don’t focus or worry about insignificant things such as your level of grammar or spelling – concentrate on what it is that you have to tell others and what you can offer your fellow travelers with your words. Above all, have fun with your creation!

Favorite Topics Currently of Interest to The Armchair Xplorer Community

You will notice that I have an extensive list of categories currently running on the website that I actively encourage all writers to organize their guest blog post around. This list includes:

  • Airlines, Buses, Trains
  • Architecture
  • Arts and Culture
  • Food and Drink
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Lifestyle
  • Nightlife
  • Outdoors
  • Personal Finance
  • Summer Destinations
  • Travel Equipment
  • Travel News
  • Wild Nature
  • Winter Destinations

I believe that this list identifies the areas of interest that many people visiting Armchair Xplorer are interested in reading more about. However, because times change and, therefore, so too do trends, I will look at adding to or modifying this list as and when I need to comply with audience demand.

Consequently, if you feel passionate about a subject which is not listed here, but you believe I am missing out by not offering it to the broader community, get in touch and let me know. With your help, I could just start another vital area of interest for the travel community!

Sample Article Titles for Further Writing Inspiration

Having spoken to many of the Armchair Xplorer’s broader community, I realized that many people have an idea of what they would like to write a guest blog post about but sometimes just need that little bit more creative inspiration or confidence before they submit their writing. It is because of this that I have done some research of my own and compiled for all potential blog post writers a list of the most sought-after article title types that visitors to this blog tend to look out for:

  • How To Make The Most Of Your Working Holiday
  • The Top Ten Travel Tips for Beginners.
  • The Most Sought After Destinations For New Travelers
  • Which Airlines are The Best For Your Specific Travel Budget?
  • Which Travel Insurance Should You Choose For Your Trip?

Contribute to My Blog and Gain Recognition for Your Work

I love to promote my fellow visitors of the Armchair Xplorer community in any way that I possibly can. So, for anybody who takes time out of their own schedule to compose and submit a post to this blog, I will mention your name, a little bio about your travel experience background plus, if you would like, a link to your social media account.

I believe that we can thrive as a travel community when we offer each other any kind of help and support. Therefore, I would love to thank you for your hard work and effort and acknowledge your contribution to the website by doing this small thing.

Write and Publish Your Post Here at Armchair Xplorer With Ease

Submitting your guest blog post to this website is a natural process and hassle-free. Once you have the idea for an article, you can choose to email me directly at info@armchairxplorer.com or use the contact form below and discuss the potential of your plan with me. Alternatively, if you would prefer to write your blog post up as soon as you have the idea, then that is no problem either.

Whatever way your writing process works once you send me your complete blog post, I will endeavor to take care of all the rest. All I need from you is your wonderfully constructed post, and I will take it from there and deal with all the technical aspects.