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3 Tips For Planning A Destination Wedding

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If you love to travel and have recently gotten engaged, you might be considering putting your two loves together and having a destination wedding. While these events can be a great way to spend some adventurous time with your future spouse and create memories that you’ll cherish for the rest of your lives, destination weddings can also mean bringing a little more stress into a time that’s likely already going to be stressful for you and your fiance. So to help ensure that you’re able to have the ceremony and reception that you’ve always wanted, here are three tips for planning a destination wedding.

Spend As Much Time There As You Can

Even before you’ve got a ring on your finger, it’s a good idea to start planning your own trip to the location of your future destination wedding and do a little reconnaissance work. According to Patty Lee, a contributor to Today.com, the more time you’re able to spend in the area and the more you’re able to get to know the people or vendors you might be working with, the easier of a time you’ll have with planning your destination wedding. So if it’s at all possible, try to visit the area at least once while you’re in planning mode. And to ensure everything comes together correctly, also try to get to the destination early so you can double-check things and still have time to relax and enjoy yourself with your fiance.

Find A Wedding Planner You Can Keep In Contact With

Since you’re not actually from the area that you’ll be having your destination wedding in, it’s going to be supremely helpful to have someone on the ground there doing a lot of the heavy lifting for you. This is exactly where a good, local wedding planner comes in handy. But according to Erika Hueneke, a contributor to DestinationWeddingMag.com, it’s crucial that you find a wedding planner who you are comfortable keeping in contact with. During the planning phase, contact should be very frequent.
After you’ve got everything planned, contact should become a bit more sparse. But once the big day is fast approaching, you should have the ability to be hearing from or reach out to your wedding planner almost daily. This could be to run checks, to have clarity on the arrangements for your wedding– something as simple as finding out if the venue is ready for the event or something as hectic as finding out how many guests are to show up. Say, if you are to have your wedding at a destination like Seattle, the planner should be able to bring to your notice that some seattle wedding photographers have been arranged. When you’ve hired a professional to be in charge of the arrangement of such events, you could find it relieving to have your questions answered. If this isn’t something you think is possible with some of the wedding planners you’re considering working with, you might want to move on to your next candidate.

Make Sure Everything’s Legal

Aside from ensuring that everyone has a great time at your destination wedding, you also want to be sure that your ceremony will be legal there and that you and your fiance will actually be married once everything’s said and done. Because of this, Martha Stewart Weddings shares that you should do your research about the legalities of the city or country you’ll be getting married in, and take care of this early on so you don’t get surprised by anything as your wedding date approaches.

If you’re wanting to have a destination wedding, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you plan this blessed event.