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5 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make When Traveling

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Sometimes, despite our best efforts to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible, things can go very wrong during our trip.  We forget to include items in our suitcase or fail to do something we should have done. Generally, as luck would have it, the things we forget to do or bring are the most important things that we can’t do without whenever traveling.  When things go wrong, it can potentially ruin your entire trip.

To ensure your next trip isn’t a disaster, here are some of the biggest travel mistakes people make, and what you can do to make sure you avoid them altogether.

Not Buying Travel Insurance

When you’re traveling, you can never be sure what to expect.  It’s important to take whatever measures necessary to protect yourself against things going sideways.  

When you’re in a different country especially, you may not always have your bearings.  It can be frustrating and scary not knowing what to do in an emergency.

If you find yourself in a car accident while traveling, or injured due to unforeseen circumstances, travel insurance is there to make sure that you’re taking care of.  It’s worth the peace of mind knowing you’ve got a reliable company who has your back.


You may be tempted to bring an outfit for every possible occasion or type of weather.  But, let’s face it, it’s hard to haul it all around. Not only is it uncomfortable, but you may find yourself with extra baggage fees which are never cheap.

Instead of bringing everything in your closet, take about half what you want to take.  Chances are you won’t even wear all of it, and you’ll be much more comfortable getting around.  You can always do some laundry while traveling or treat yourself to buying a new outfit.

Not Checking Your Cell Phone Plan

Perhaps you’ve heard of one of those horror stories where someone travels abroad and comes home to a four-figure phone bill.  Don’t let this happen to you!

It’s easy to assume that you have a plan which covers data roaming fees, but it’s not always the case.  Be sure to verifying if you’re covered or not before you leave.  If you’re not, be sure to turn your phone onto airplane mode and use your phone only when connected to wifi.

Otherwise, you may want to add an international plan before you leave on your trip if you’re planning on needing your phone a lot.

Booking Flights Too Close

It’s one of the biggest travel rookie mistakes to assume that your flights will take off and arrive right on time.  Airlines are notorious for being unpredictable, so the best way to ensure that you catch your connecting flights without problems is to give yourself plenty of time between flights.

You may think that it seems like way too much time, but you’d be surprised just how long it can take to get from gate to gate in larger airports.

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