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Destination Singapore

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Singapore boasts a tropical climate, with 80 percent of the year’s rainfall falling from December to March. Some of the best online casinos that pay out generously, timeously and with very little hassle, target the Singaporean market in particular, simply because of what the market represents. So naturally a visit to that part of the world offers a window into what that part of the world is like as a travel destination.

In June, Singapore’s peak tourist season, temperatures can reach 80 degrees, and the city draws the largest number of tourists in all of Asia. That’s why it’s the ideal destination for the warmer months, with spectacular architecture, culture, lush greenery, and long beach waves just waiting for you.

Singapore is the perfect choice for a summer vacation. The tropical climate and endless white sand beaches make the city perfect for spending time on the beach or soaking up the sun.

5 Secrets Singapore Will Never Tell You

If you’re visiting Singapore this summer, you don’t want to miss out on all the fun, although you might find your trip is almost too surreal. Here are 10 secrets Singapore will never tell you:

1. The Sentosa Island and its endless white sand beaches seem to stretch into eternity. Although you’ll find more crystal clear blue waters near Orchid Island, Sentosa and its white sand beaches and serene setting are the stuff of fantasy. It’s so nice to relax on the beach and be surrounded by seemingly endless luxury hotels, resorts, and rental villas. The perfect place for a romantic getaway.

2. Singapore’s Marina Bay is where Singapore’s beauty lies. This multi-billion dollar urban complex is known as the “grandest hotel under the skies” in all of Asia. The lake-like setting is the backdrop for Singapore’s iconic mega project, including the world’s biggest outdoor amusement park.

3. The Dragon Boat Race at the Singapore Rotary Festival is as much a spectacle as a sporting event. The perfect summer event that is not limited to a time or a date on the calendar, this festival stretches for over seven weeks. Each year, the Dragon Boat Race, designed for crews of 20 to 25 people, races along the waterfront of Singapore.

4. Singapore’s Sentosa Island is a paradise for the adventurous. The island is like a Hollywood movie set, with dozens of hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, and entertainment venues. What’s more is that the island has beaches, hotels, and tourist attractions that are perfect for all ages, but for the younger travelers, the island has the Tanjong Beach Club, Singapore’s first teen club. For the adults, the island’s ocean is good enough to be a prime spot for shark cage diving, although they must have proper gear.

5. Singapore is surrounded by nature. You can see tropical plants and flowers on the streets of the city, as well as a bird colony called the Sentosa Butterfly Park. Along the beach, you can see amazing sea creatures and marine life such as rays, sting rays, and even sharks. For you nature lovers, you can also have a little boat ride to see the beautiful coral reefs.