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My Favourite Film Locations of All Time

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Visiting film locations could be a rewarding experience for fans who like to experience various destinations in a different way. Movie location travelling is not small anymore- there are several tours which will make you see some of the finest and most sought-after film locations in a city or state. You may even find various australian film locations that look like they are out of this world. Do you like to travel to these fascinating locations too? If yes, follow the list of my favorite film locations of all time.

Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan

If you like being fascinated by the grandest movie locations of them all, then there is nothing better than the Wadi Rum Desert. This enchanting land in Jordan is the filming location of many popular titles- including Lawrence of Arabia, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Red Planet. This place has a 4,000-year-old rock formation that is known as the Seven Pillars of Wisdom. Visiting this arid land can be an experience of a lifetime.

Snowdonia, North Wales

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword may have tanked at the box office, but the movie showed us some of the most beautiful and scenic places in the world- Wales. Located in the UK, North Wales nestles the paradise of Snowdonia in its heart. Just go here and experience the wild but enchanting natural beauty of this place.

Glen Coe, Scotland

If you are a fan of the James Bond film franchise, you will love to visit this place in Scotland. It is considered the family home of James Bond. In the 23rd installment of this franchise, you will find the Glen Coe captured beautifully in this Scottish land. In the movie Skyfall, Bond goes back to his home. Though the home itself where the movie was shot is in Surrey, this is one place you wouldn’t want to miss.

Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

This is one of the most colorful and beautiful places in Istanbul and it made its way to Oscar-winning film Argo. Ben Affleck is trying to escape an embassy attack with five other Americans in Iran. Though the movie is supposedly taking place in Tehran in 1980s, the filmmakers had to substitute this Istanbul location because filming in Iran wasn’t possible.

Timberline Lodge, Oregon

If you liked The Shining, you must be familiar with the Overlook Hotel where the plot of this psychological thriller is enacted. The Stanley Kubrick classic brings you one of the best gems of the psychological horror genre, also introducing you to the Timberline Lodge. Psych horror movies can be considered as the favorite genre of a lot of people. Such people tend to visit websites like hellhorror.com that keeps on suggesting them new horror movies. Coming back to The Shining movie location, the exterior of the Overlook Hotel is the Timberline Lodge. However, the interior of the hotel is filmed in the Elstree Studios in England.

Apart from this, I liked the DuPont State Forest in North Carolina, which was the filming location of the Hunger Games. I also loved Hotel Sidi Driss which is also known as the Star Wars Hotel in the middle of the Tunisian desert.

Movies always work on a grand scale. It could be fun to go places and live a part of your imagination. It also helps in making your movie-watching experience more real than ever. Tell me which film locations are your favorites in the comments below.