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Foods and Drinks Culture in Morocco

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Morocco is one of the most unique and colorful places that you can visit in Africa. It has been a place of interest for many people who want to experience the essence of an old culture with a brand-new outlook on the world.

Apart from its cultural nuances and its spice markets, there is one thing you will definitely enjoy in Morrocoy- their food and drinks. Let’s learn what Morocco has on offer for those who love to satiate their palates with new tastes.

The bare basics

Kebabs are one of the best kept secrets of Morocco. Though harira and tajine are the most popular dishes here among tourists, you will get nothing better than a plateful of kebab on a tiring evening. Kebabs are prepared with lamb chunks gently roasted on skewers. They are always spicy, filling and very delicious. Another name for this dish here is brochettes. Try the minced lamb kefta too. They are generally more flavorful and melt in the mouth more easily.

When eating a Moroccan meal, start with a salad. The salad, unlike its western counterparts, is very finely chopped, bursting with flavors. You will then be served a delicious but thick soup made of pasta and beans- harira. If you don’t carry a humongous appetite, you may be satiated with this soup only. If you don’t want the harira, go for the bisara. This soup is made of pea and comes with an olive oil topping. This soup is mostly reserved for breakfast.

The Moroccan favorites

Tajine is an absolute favorite among the visitors and locals alike. It is a one-pot dish that is made in an earthen pot and let to simmer, stew and cook slowly. It mostly contains olives and lemon cooked with chicken. Some even cook it with mutton or lamb which is cooked along with prunes and almonds. Tajine is rarely made with vegetable or fish. However, when made, it is usually topped with eggs and served with meatballs.

You will find baguettes being served in many breakfast shops across Morocco. There are many native bread options here. The baghira, for instance, is a thin bread with many holes. The msammen or melaoui is another thin bread that is rolled several times and sprinkled with oil. If you are looking for something heavier, try the harsha, which comes with a nice and heavy crust.

Another favorite Moroccan dish that you will find in every restaurant is the couscous. The Moroccans love using mutton and lamb and this dish comes with plenty of it. It is basically a bowl of steaming hot semolina that is served with a generous serving of chicken, mutton/lamb and a score of vegetables. You can’t go to Morocco and come back without tasting this dish.

Mint tea is the favorite drink in Morocco. You will find it almost everywhere. It is basically a Chinese green tea that is garnished with a dash of lemon and brings instant refreshment to the people. If you are fond of coffee, go to the French cafes and enjoy their beautiful and delicious noir versions.

Does Morocco sound like a place you could go to? Make sure you plan your itinerary in advance.