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When Guys Go Travelling Together

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There is nothing better than travelling with your guy gang. I know I am making a big statement but every man would agree with it. A guy gang is a creation of luck and if you find the ones as crazy as you are then life becomes a fun ride.

It does not matter if a guy lives a fairly boring lifestyle because travelling with his friends will always bring out the hidden rocks star in him. If you are reading this, it’s time to let your man enjoy the time of his life. Now, all the men can relate to the things that happen when we take on the world together. Here we go:

Booze as per your wish

So many times, a man turns back from drinking giving illogical reasons. Almost all the times he does not want to upset his girl or his parents. But, as he travels with his friends there is no commanding officer regulating his life. We drink as much we want and at whatever times we want. Though it can be termed as a negative point by some, but nobody died having some fun. Let us dance with our gang even if the music comes from car horns.

Adventure becomes a small word

Now, when all of us ride together we do some crazy stuff without any good or bad intention. We roll together hiking, camping, laughing and doing all sorts of things in between. A man who is travelling with his family will never think of entering a cave to discover a new place. But, with friends he will not only go inside but push others from behind. When we travel we are not focused on doing right, but feeling good. If you see some men aged 50 plus dancing to Justin Bieber’s tunes beside a freeway then don’t ridicule them but hope for doing the same when you reach that point of life.

Every place is comfortable

When we travel with women we have to keep in mind to go to places that are less likely to be dangerous. It’s a fact ladies, although we know you are tough but nobody wants trouble, right? To avoid such things, we choose safe places to eat, party and sleep. On the other hand, when we the boy gang travel together we try every single place even if it seems shady and questionable places.

Itinerary doesn’t work

We don’t want to go to planned destinations and a set schedule. It won’t be fun if are still getting orders from a sheet of paper about our next stop. Trust me; trips that are unplanned are always the best as you never know where life would lead you. As a matter of fact, the whole purpose of travelling gets defeated if we know what’s going to happen. We want to live young and free as this is what we really are.

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