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Hot Pools In Iceland

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The hot springs of Iceland are a unique way to wash off your worries. The Icelandic experience is incomplete without the surreal experience of soaking yourself in the lap of Mother Nature. It’s a part of the countries culture coming from the Viking ages. There are many famous hot pools in Iceland with some less recognised but equally relaxing ones. Here are some contenders worthy of appreciation.


Also known as “Farmer’s Hot Bathing Pool”, Landmannalaugar is a junction of nature’s contradictory wonders. It comes from the edge of solidified lava from 15th century and blends with a cold spring. The Rhyolite Mountains shed their orange reflection on the pool which makes the whole scenario majestic and dreamy. It’s highly recommended that you soak yourself in the mix of the two sprigs to get the best experience one can have.

Nautholsvik geothermal beach, Reykjavik

Will you expect a small beach (which is mostly overcrowded) to be on this least? Well, it certainly is due to its popularity and the long journey to reach this northernmost hot pool. It’s quite baffling to know that the highest temperature rarely exceeds 15 C, yet it is considered warm and cosy. If you like this place and don’t mind handling the low temperatures, then treat yourself with a 38 C pool heated by geothermal energy.

Blue Lagoon, Reykjanes

You have to land at the international Airport of Keflavik to visit the most famous hot pool of the world. The scenic beauty of the pool is often enough to satisfy tourists as lava rubble surrounding the pool gives it the virtue of undisturbed natural beauty. The pool is also known to treat any skin problem through its white silt. You will also get a restaurant, changing rooms and caves to make your day complete.

Snorralaug, Reykhholt

Iceland has specific arrangements for all the history lovers. Snorri Sturluson is a famous figure in Iceland’s literary work who was a politician believed to write Eddas. The book contains stories about the Nordic mythology and also famous Icelandic mythologies.  He was assassinated in a tunnel near Reykholt which was his resting place. You can relive the history by bathing in the pool which served one of the legendry figures of Iceland.

Leirubakki, Hekla

Another pool of popular history is Leirubakki which surfaces at the foothill of Hekla, which has been a source of devastation for Vikings since the 9th century. It’s been seen as demonic structure which has wiped life more than a few times. Though the pool is small (4 adults at a time) the view of Hekla compensates any issue due to space problems. Imagine relaxing in a hot pool while gazing at the beauty of a volcano that has a foul history with solid walls of hardened volcano.

These hot pools are enough to enjoy the beautiful country in its most serene locations. If you ever travel to Iceland do not forget to include these pools in your plan. Enjoy soaking in calmness. The sheer serenity and the lovable contradictions in weather will make your journey even more exciting and fun.