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Do You Love Adventure? Don’t Miss These Destinations

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One of the best ways to escape from mundane life is to engage in an adventure. Go hiking, trekking, or diving and experience the world in a completely new way. I love solo travelling and adventure activities. If you are also like me and love adventurous sports, perhaps, A long spitfire ride post from Spitfires could provide you with better inspiration. Activities like these brings an adrenaline rush that I can never replicate again. Each time you do an adventure activity, you feel something different.


This is one of the most exotic places that you will find the twilight zone between Asia and Europe. It is beautiful, exciting and serene. If you like mountain biking and hiking, you will certainly love Azerbaijan. You get to witness the beauty of a nation that is surrounded by the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus Mountains. It gives you modern amenities as well as rugged landscapes that will give you beautiful photo worthy moments as well. The mountainside is home to 400 mud volcanoes and is also known as the Land of Fire.

The Cook Islands

If you are looking for snorkeling and diving adventures, don’t forget to visit the Cook Islands. It is also great for exploring caves and paddling. The Cook Islands are nothing short of paradise. The Pacific Oceans renders a fantastic blue color to the waters. Cook Islands bring to you the most amazing taste of luxury vacation that you will enjoy or sure. In case you want to experience a luxurious travel experience, you might want to book a private jet to fly to this destination. Nowadays, you might be able to get a cheap quote for a rental jet (look for private jet rental costs) from companies like Jettly or the ones like them in your region. Having said that, this island is also frequented by backpackers. If you want to explore something new in the Cook Islands, head off the coral reefs along the Aututaki archipelago.


If you truly want to experience the desert without having to burn in hot Sahara and dreaming about water. You get to see the Al Hajar Mountains here along with the Musandam Peninsula. Oman brings to a variety of topographical features which make you feel like you are travelling to several worlds within the same country. It is perfect for people looking for watersports, desert exploration and even hiking. The coastline is so beautiful that you will have to spend at least three days here exploring the surprises it brings your ways.

El Salvador

If you are looking for some of the most unique adventures in the world, then come to El Salvador. Here, you will find volcano diving activities along with hiking and surfing that will take your breath away. Come here for the most amazing scuba diving experience of your life. The forests of El Salvador are deep and full of surprises. Surfing is a popular activity here. The beaches here are also unique- they have black sand. Go and explore one of the beautiful National Parks here or scuba dive into a live volcano. This is an experience you will never forget.

Adventure travel never gets old. You could go to the same destination over and over again and still find yourself experiencing something new. This is why I personally prefer to go places where there is plenty of scope for adventure.

Have you ever been to any of these places before? If yes, share your experiences with me in the comments below.