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Spending A Dream Backpack Life in South America

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I have spent my adult life dreaming about spending my entire life backpacking around South America. There is something about the continent that has always made me feel happy and content. No matter where in the world I have been, I have never found a place as great as South America. It has everything a traveler can dream of- mountains, jungles, arid vastness and a culture that anyone would love to be a part of. for all you hiking enthusiasts look no more for the best trekking poles.

I have a plan to spend my life backpacking in South America and I am sharing it with you in this post. If you love South America like I do, take some inspiration from my ideas and see if they work for you too.

Places I will visit

Of course, Machu Pichu is on the top of my travel list. Passing through Cusco to reach this amazing place is definitely on top of my priority list. I want to move through the Incan trail and conquer the peaks of this region to get the most authentic Machu Pichu experience ever. I would be going on the Lares trek as well as the Salantay trek.

I love hiking and if you are a hiking lover too, make sure you go to Pantagonia. For sightseeing, my favorite destination is undoubtedly the Sala de Uyuni in Bolivia. The salt flats in this region are the largest in the world and provide a beautiful look into the natural beauty of this continent. The Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina and the Torres del Paine in Chile are definitely one of the most beautiful sights in this continent.

Who can really ignore the beautiful rainforests of Amazon? I cannot think about a South American vacation without visiting the rainforests and checking the beautiful flora and fauna of this place. I want to see jaguars if possible. Those majestic creatures have been on my sighting list for long and spotting one will be a dream come true.


Then comes Peru. I simply cannot list everything I want to do here. Every place in Peru is a dream come true for me. Their countryside, cities and even their wilderness is a class apart from what I have witnessed till date. Buenos Aires and Quito, the Ecuadorian capital will be my next top spots for visit followed by Rio de Janeiro. Like every other traveler, I want to be a part of Rio’s carnival celebrations. However, I also want to be a part of the simple life of this city.

I want to do all this while living and working in various places. I would be spending most of the time in backpacker’s hostels or living in studio apartments. It doesn’t look like a dream to many travelers who like luxury travel and comfortable hotels. However, as someone who wants to experience the real spirit of South America, this is my idea of fun.

My love for South America will probably never end. I will definitely want to spend my life there. If not, I would like a two-month long vacation here, just moving around different parts of this mesmerizing continent and enjoying my life. You can do it too!