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Best Surfing Towns In US

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If you are one the surfing obsessed adrenaline junkies, then pack your bags to travel TO these fantastic surfing destinations. I’ve always been a surfing fanatic myself and writing this blog made me realise I have not surfed for a long while. Anyways, for other lucky people who have the chance of going to surf I am writing down some of the best surfing town to satisfy your hunger of this edgy sport.

Haleiwa, HI

There is no way a surfing destination can beat the clear skies, palm trees, and perfectly clean beaches of Hawaii. The perfect surfing destination of your imagination dwells in the less inhabited places far away from the commercial city of Honolulu.  The North Shore provides you with 7 miles to surf on the most aggressive waves of the Pacific. Almost all the travel magazines and websites have talked about Hawaii again and again due to the fact that this place does not need Photoshop effects to look as majestic as it really is.

Ocean City, NJ

Besides being famous for its boardwalk all around the world the resort town lures some of the best surfers of the world. South Jersey has been a favourite surfing place for professional surfers like Dean Randazzo. Though the winters here are forgettable yet the summers put this town on the map of surfers around the world. Even if you are not a seasoned surfer you can spend your vacations in Ocean City to learn the basics of surfing from the welcoming locals.

Pa’ia, HI

If you have already visited the number one surfing spot- Hawaii, then the town of Pa’ia should definitely be on top your list of surfer’s paradises. Few people visit this place in comparison to Oahu. Still this place is celebrated by the more experienced locals. If you want a compilation of silence, serenity and surfing then stop going to the overcrowded beaches crafted for tourists. Experience Hawaii like a native while you dance on your surfboats to the beats of the ocean. The place is favourite among hippies and artists while surf enthusiasts have always kept it as their little secret.

Santa Cruz, CA

This destination is historic in the sense that the first surfing session took place in this Californian city under three brothers (Jonah, Edward and David). Since that moment the town has been regarded as legendry in the surfer community. Almost all the great surfers have graced the waves of the “surf city”. With foggy skies and ice-cold water this destination is a bit risky for novice surfers. Though the city does not have a huge coastline yet the availability of big waves has given Santa Cruz one of the top positions among the surfing towns of USA.

California also has some other surfing towns that are worthy of a mention: Huntington Beach, Ventura, Encinitas, San Clemente. It surely demands a full month of travelling to enjoy all the surfing beaches of California. If you are aware about any other spot that I neglected then feel free to comment below. As they say, “there is nothing sadder than a surfer who used to surf”