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The Importance of an Occasional Change in Scenery

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Why do you think the university year is broken up into four terms and that occasionally we have a window of opportunity to take advantage of consecutive days off work to perhaps plan some kind of getaway? It’s because of the universally accepted importance of a change in scenery, which is important to enjoy occasionally as it can put a lot of things into the kind of perspective you might be in dire need of.

No need to jump on a plane

The change in scenery which can spark some inspirational turn in your life, or one which can result in a mere reset, can be a stone’s throw away. You don’t need to jump on a plane and fly away to some exotic destination when you can hit a town such as Bristol over the next long weekend.

The importance lies in a different experience of your environment

The importance does indeed reside in a different experience to that which you have become accustomed to in your everyday life. Your very first day of work after graduating can very quickly turn into a decade or more of doing the same thing over and over again, with your annual holiday becoming part of the routine.

You need to experience some kind of intentional disruption as a great way to put your and body through their paces and preserve your mental health. The regular disruptions which are more reactionary than they are proactive don’t count, because you become accustomed to living in a reactionary way and that can lead to wasted talent in areas such as your inherent source of creativity, planning, etc.

Routine can be a killer of creativity, inventiveness, and just mere motivation to improve any area of your life that needs improving.

Creating experiences to look back on

The important thing is to create some experiences you can easily look back on and it doesn’t have to be anything spectacular or over the top. It just has to be something different from that which you’re used to in your everyday life.

A gift that keeps on giving (in a good way)

Allowing your mind the freedom to be stimulated by something different can make for the gift that keeps on giving but in the good sense of the saying. Something seemingly small and insignificant, like perhaps sleeping on the smoothest, Egyptian cotton sheets you’ve ever felt over your skin, can spark some ideas that can change your life completely.

The best options available to you

You might be lucky to find that student accommodation is made available to the public on your particular visit to a university town such as Bristol, which includes on-premises dormitory rooms as well as alternative accommodation that some students who aren’t in any way about that campus-living life find their refuge in. Take it for that much-needed different experience which more than accounts for a change in scenery.

As suggested, there’s no need to fly to some remote area of this big, big world we live in to benefit from the effects of even the subtlest of changes in scenery.