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Travel Brazil – Rio De Janeiro

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Travel Brazil with your loved one and have a life changing experience. Travel to Brazil has been enjoyed by families for generations to come. Rio is the hot spot for international tourists but do you have the time to explore all the other wonderful places in Brazil.

There are over 150 official travel bureaus in Brazil, which is why there is such a variety when it comes to traveling to this country. I recommend picking up a book that details all the main sights to see and things to do while you are traveling to Brazil and traveling to Rio de Janeiro. The beaches in Rio are incredible and it will literally make your entire vacation worth it. The weather in Rio is perfect year round so you can really enjoy any time there you travel.

What many people do not realize about traveling to Brazil is that you do not have to visit all the different places. The beaches in Rio are going to give you the best view of everything. You can basically get away from it all when you are in Brazil. In addition to seeing all the beaches in Rio de Janeiro you should also travel to five regions of Brazil. These are: the Amazonas, the Guianas, the interior regions of Brazil, the departments of Santa Maria and Paraiba, and the north and central parts of the Brazilian countryside.

As you can see there are quite a few things to do in Rio de Janeiro when you are traveling to Brazil. In addition to traveling I recommend taking a day trip to the southern part of the city, which is where all the action is located. This is where the carnivals are held and you will be able to view thousands of people enjoying themselves. If you do not care for carnival celebrations then you can watch soccer in the streets of this city as well. However, the best time to go to these areas is in the morning as the traffic is much less heavy.

When traveling to Rio de Janerio, I recommend taking a bus or a subway. Buses are very inexpensive and reliable while subway rides are quite expensive and they run on a time-based system. Another thing you can do when traveling to Rio de Janerio is take a samba tour. Samba tours are held at various locations all through the city and you will be able to enjoy the beautiful Brazilian music while traveling. This is one of my favorite ways of seeing the city as it allows you to get up close and personal with the local culture and people.

When traveling to Brazil I highly recommend renting a car. A rental car allows you to sightsee and experience the city in a much more relaxed fashion. Rental cars in Rio de Janerio include large sedan type vehicles with all amenities and you can even rent a samba in the back. These vehicles are extremely convenient if you are touring the entire city, but also perfect for an intimate road trip. The price that you will pay for renting a car is comparable to what you would pay in an airport for a return flight. If you are visiting Rio during the height of summer, it is highly recommended that you hire a car and drive to your hotel in the morning so that you can enjoy the sights and sounds of samba until the evening arrives.