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Travel to Capri Italy

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Capri is an island in the Mediterranean Sea and is one of the most beautiful places in Italy. The main island has a total land mass of 101 square kilometers, which is the equivalent of about half the area of Manhattan. Due to its unique landscape, Capri has a number of natural attractions. Among them are the amazing blue grotto, the Grottos Valle and the Piazza dei Cavalli, the world’s first chapel. All these are located on the island’s west coast.

If you are planning to visit this wonderful island of Italy, then it is suggested that you spend your vacation during the winter or at least peak seasons to avoid crowding. During the peak seasons, the whole island becomes crowded due to the number of tourists who visit the place during this season. Therefore, the best time to Visit Capri is during the summers or spring, or the rainy season. So if you are planning to visit the beautiful island of Capri, then here are some of the most recommended tours to travel to it:

Your very first stop should be the famous Piazza San Marco. This is actually a tourist spot, which attracts thousands of visitors to its beauty. It has the best view of Capri beach which gives a remarkable scene of rolling hills, blue grotto with water spilling from them. This is a perfect place for you to take pictures with your friends and family. If you wish to travel to the island of Capri during the night, then the Piazza San Marco is the best place because here you will see a lot of activities happening like the locals playing football and volleyball, locals rowing boats, children running around and enjoying themselves while having a great time with their families and friends.

Next stop on your trip is the town of Capri and if you are looking for a different and a more romantic way of spending your holiday, then spend it at the Grotto of Candi, the world’s most visited Grotto in Italy. The beautiful views of the island will leave you awed. The Grotto of Candi is also home to a spectacular view of the sunset. The Grottos of Capri are home to many historic ruins dating back to the time when this island was discovered by Europeans.

If you wish to spend your vacation at a place where you can view a larger map of the entire area, then it would highly recommend you to travel to the Amalfi Coast. Its beautiful landscape is really unbelievable with its bold cliffs and rocky coastline. The unique landscape of the Amalfi Coast is very popular among the tourists and that is why there is a big increase in the number of tourists visiting this place each year. However, if you do not wish to view larger map on your travel to the Amalfi Coast, then what you can do is to simply rent an inexpensive car from any of the many travel companies operating in Italy that offers cheap rental cars.

The best time to visit the Italian island is between November and May when the weather is the best. However, if you wish to see more than the tourist attractions in this beautiful place, then the ideal weather condition is between September and October. This is the time when the Amalfi Coast is at its most crowded, as many travelers visit this place during the summer season. So it would be better to avoid the summer months in order to see more of this amazing place. Therefore, your best time to visit this island is between December and March.