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What NOT to believe for your next UK adventure

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As we all know, all countries have stereotypes associated with them. However, it could be argued that the UK has a few more than most.

It means that some people are often put off traveling there. Or, if you happen to reside in the country itself, you’ll take the first opportunity you can get to jump on a plane and cross the pond.

Well, not all stereotypes are true. As we’ll soon find out, there are more than a few misconceptions when it comes to a UK vacation, and through today’s post we’ll mull over some of the best.

“London is the go-to place”

Of course, this is true to an extent. Let’s not forget that this is one of the largest and most vibrant cities in the world, with some truly stunning attractions.

However, is it really all that the UK has to offer? Not at all. This is only a glimpse into the tourist life of the UK, and if you widen your net further you really can bask in some true British culture that can add something different to your trip.

For example, if you head to the north of the country, Newcastle is a major city with plenty of attractions, and hotels that are a fraction of the cost of the capital. There are of course countless other examples, but the point we are trying to make is that you don’t have to tie everything down to one city. London is great, but so are other areas of the UK.

“It always rains in the UK”

This is of course the classic stereotype when it comes to the UK, but it’s also one that can hinder its tourist rating.

Well, it would be an exaggeration to suggest that the UK is a dry country, but let’s not forget that there are around 69 other nations which receive more rainfall than it on an annual basis.

With the likes of Costa Rica, Thailand, Japan, Brazil and Cuba being part of this, it could be said that this stereotype is a bit unfair!

Let’s also not forget that when it does rain, the infrastructure in the country means there are plenty of indoor attractions to choose from.

“It’s grossly expensive”

This relates to the other couple of points we have spoken about. Firstly, if you take the advice and stay out of London, the UK is actually pretty affordable.

Then, in relation to attractions, things take a turn for the even better. Museums tend to be free, while you should also never be coaxed into paying full price for a lot of attractions. Generally speaking, you’ll be able to find 2-4-1 tickets all over.

“You can work around the European clock”

If you have visited other countries in Europe, you might be used to the siestas and late-night shopping. These are two things that the UK certainly doesn’t have, and you shouldn’t plan your trip to take them into account. It’s quite a rigid schedule, with most stores opening at 9am and then closing at 5.30pm.