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Why taking a solo vacation in a city retreat could be the perfect escape

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For many the idea of going on a solo vacation can be somewhat intimidating; every resort or location we go to is usually packed full of holidaymakers in large groups. However, if you take the step towards taking your first solo city retreat you will be surprised by the amount of fun you can have!

It gives you time to think about your life away from the noise of day to day work life

Going on a city retreat alone can seriously take some of the weight off in the day to day life. You are able to think through your thoughts and plan out ways to improve your life when you return to reality. 

Essentially it teaches you to be comfortable being by yourself, which is a surprisingly useful skill. 

You can explore the city on your terms 

We’ve all been stuck in a situation where we want to different things than the group as a whole. It can be quite an awkward situation, especially if a number of pre-booked activities have already been planned out for your city retreat. 

If you want to stay in and have a lie-in on one of your city retreats, that’s okay, if you want to get take away and chill out in the apartment room for the evening, that is also perfectly fine. It is, after all, all up to you. 

Our top tip is to try not to plan in too much to do on your city retreat. This will give you a bit of leeway to do your own thing and get the best use out of your serviced apartment. 

You can save money in a couple of different ways Whilst group travel may save you money on the accommodation if you find a small serviced apartment you will be able to find some great deals. Keep an eye out for serviced accommodation that offers breakfast and Wi-Fi, this will help you get the most out of your trip. Travelling solo also means you can cash in on any last minute flight deals.